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    Age of Speed 2
    Age of Speed 2 is the sequel of Age of Speed and players are once again challenged with futuristic designed race tracks. Players are able to choose between 4 different cars in total called Miniclip, green ooze, Katamori 2 and Exeena. On the race track you have to rival your opponents in order to succeed in a total of 3 laps. You can control your car with the arrow keys on your keyboard and by pressing the X button you are able to unlock the bonus, gaining additional speed for a short period of time. To achieve this bonus you simply need to collect coins you find throughout the race. In the game itself there are 2 different sorts of coins. The ones that unlock the bonus content and the ones that add 200 points to your score. If you lose control of your car and are about to fall off the track you just need to hit the Z button on your keyboard to get back on the track.

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    Age of Speed 2  
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