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      And what else could be said in the start trying to explain and get closer to a certain picture for a game before it's actually played in action, well, what we are dealing here with, it's the legendary, must-play entertaining game for everyone, especially for some of us for example me, that are enjoying the old school type of games, especially of those games that when you here the name, you know what was all about back then, so you immediately get the idea of the game. The legendary Pacman is obviously and definitely one of the top games with such respect and status among us. The idea is that the little creature must collect, or let's put it this way, it must eat all the dotted paths in the stage labyrinth until the last one, so that you progress into the next level. However, there are enemies circling through the paths trying to crush with you and make you lose in the effort to win and go to the next level. There are moments when they all turn blue, so be quick and meet them then to destroy them after they regain their natural color. Good luck!

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