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  • Batman Mystery of the Batwoman  


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      Batman Mystery of the Batwoman
      It's based on Batman this time, so we are standing in front of these game that offers him as a main hero. With this said, we are likely to be interested in the deeper experience of what this game has to offer further, of course. The story starts and Batman is in pursuit with Batwoman. He must catch her and she is overpowered by the Penguin's gang. So he will have to face and fight him and his henchman to save her. He must acknowledge her true identity, so will he be able to do that? Use up arrow to jump, down arrow to dodge left and right arrow to run. To punch press Ctrl, to Jump kick up arrow and Ctrl. Also, to use the batrope and gargoyles, press Space. Great mysterious, darkish game with a famous superhero! Not much to slip the temptations, so you better hurry up and start to help our hero!

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