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      Street Sesh
      Welcome to the Street Sesh, a magnificent game that can be best described as a 3D street one player skateboard game. If you are a fan of the skateboard type of games, this might well be you best decision, so don't hesitate to take part in this super cool skateboarding extreme game! You will find that this game is created in a perfect graphics style to offer you a great enjoyment throughout. So, go out on the streets and try to perform some attractive tricks to make everyone feel delighted. To play and control this game, use the arrow keys from the keyboard to move around. Another control is the key Z which is intended to do some kick flip. Also, you can use the key X to perform a 360 flip. And finally, use the spacebar to ollie. So, it's time to go and show some tricks, give your best out there and start of now!

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