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    Freefall Tournament
    In Freefall Tournament game players can control their character easier, the field of vision is wider and the whole gaming experience is more realistic. Freefall Tournament players can choose from various weapons (some of them are 'borrowed' from real life while some of them are futuristic which is logical because the game takes place in the future and in outer space. You can use classic guns and flamethrowers or you can select some really interesting laser guns. You can also use swords, hammers and bombs too. You will get primary and secondary weapons. What is great about all these weapons is that players don't need to have some super skills in order to aim and shoot. In the beginning you can choose from eight different classes of military units – Tech, Scout, Gunner, Tank, Blazer, Shocker, Assassin and Blaster.

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    Freefall Tournament  


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