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    Superheroes vs Footballers
    Superheroes vs. Footballers is an awesome fighting game in which you can play out your wildest crossover dreams. Have you ever imagined how a bunch of legendary footballers would fare in hand to hand combat against a gang of iconic superheroes? Now you can test this out and find the answer! Take control of some of your favourite football players and utilize a series of punches, kicks and move combos to defeat the superheroes! Playable characters include Sergio Ramos (from Real Madrid), Iron Man, The Hulk, Lionel Messi (from Barcelona) and more! The gameplay and fighting is extremely fun, and the characters involved are great to play with. This game is a heap of fun and brings something different to the fighting genre. Step into the arena today and prove that footballers can fight!

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    Superheroes vs Footballers  


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