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Heroes of Myths


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All of us, as a child, read the myths and legends of ancient Greece about the great heroes who lived there. Many of them were children of the gods and in their earthly life they helped people to fight with various creatures of darkness. Today in the game Heroes of Myths: Warriors of Gods, we will be transported during the time of such heroes here and help them in several of their adventures. At the beginning of the game we will choose one of the legendary heroes for whom we will play. Then we find ourselves in one of the cities of Greece, which was attacked by monsters. Our task with you is to destroy the enemy. To do this, you use the panel on which the icons of the soldiers are depicted will guide your army. Each soldier has a value in glasses. You will put them into battle. The main thing is to think out your strategy and tactics correctly, then you will succeed.

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action, strategy, fight, hero, skill

Added: 14 March 2021 | Played: 1,044 times