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Draw Attack


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New Kids Games > Action Games > Draw Attack

In the Middle Ages, there were constant wars between kingdoms over territory and resources. Today, in the exciting new game Draw Attack, you will travel back to those days and lead one of the armies. Your task is to capture the cities and territories of the enemy. In front of you on the screen you will see the castle in which the enemy sat down. He will release a detachment of his soldiers to meet you. With the help of a special control panel, you will have to form your strike squad. To do this, select the soldier class using the icons. This can be an archer, swordsman, spearman, and so on. Having formed a squad, you will send it into battle. Send them reinforcements if necessary. When your soldiers defeat the enemy squad, you will receive points. You can spend them on hiring new soldiers or developing new types of weapons.

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action, fighting, battle, defense, draw

Added: 26 May 2021 | Played: 630 times